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Visitor data is one of your most important assets

Analytics allows you to collect, measure and analyze visitor activity on your site so you can understand and improve its effectiveness.

Decisions about your site shouldn’t be made on the basis of boredom, hunches, or how the business across the street has designed their site. They should be made on insight from data. Analytics empowers you to make rapid, data-driven decisions with confidence.


"Hallelujah! I think this could save me at LEAST an hour a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year - that's a lot of hours - thank you!" - Marketing Manager at Plukka

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Know your ABCs


  • Where are visitors coming from?
  • What cities?
  • What's the age and gender breakdown?
  • What mobile device are they on?
  • Are specific ads and keywords working?


  • What are visitors doing?
  • What are the most popular pages and sections?
  • Are they encountering difficulty?
  • What are they typing into the search box?
  • Which pages are slow to load?


  • What percent of visitors purchase, sign up, click ads, or contact us?
  • What products are visitors adding to their cart and buying?
  • What does the funnel look like and where do people drop off?
  • How many times did they visit before they bought?

“When you measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it, but when you cannot express it in numbers your knowledge about it is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.”

Lord Kelvin, inventor of the Kelvin scale of temperature measurement

Analytics clients

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