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4 Things You Need to Know about SEO in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is quite a different game when it comes to online search.

  1. Hong Kongers still use Yahoo. The now reigning search engine, of course, is Google, but up until a few years ago the most popular search engine in Hong Kong was Yahoo and even today the purple Y still commands about 25% market share.
  2. Hong Kongers are bilingual. Cantonese and English are both official languages. Furthermore, traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong instead of simplified Chinese like in mainland China.
  3. Hong Kongers are always on their smartphones. "Don't keep your eyes only on your mobile phone!" chides the station announcement in Hong Kong's MTR. Almost 96% of smartphone users go online on a daily basis, the highest in Asia.
  4. Hong Kongers prefer to buy in store. Going to the mall is a favorite pastime in Hong Kong and due to the dense population many people prefer the convenience of stepping out of their home to shop instead of ordering online and waiting.

That's why Cogney has developed a comprehensive approach beyond standard SEO that takes into account language, mobile experience, local map results, dual optimized for both Google and Yahoo, to better connect companies with their audiences.

Why Cogney is Unlike Other Hong Kong SEO Agencies

Growing businesses via SEO is our most requested engagement. Here's why our SEO services consistently surprise our competitors and delight our clients:

  • Hong Kong-based, world-class team recognized as experts
  • Efficiency & speed of our award-winning custom-built tools
  • Long-term view of SEO
  • Well-rounded in digital marketing so we know where to achieve multiplier effects


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Our team's research has led to front page stories in The New York Times, a podcast episode of Reply All, been seen on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and is counted on by many other esteemed media organizations.


"We are all very impressed with the work" -
Digital Performance Marketing Manager at Lane Crawford

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We've worked with global luxury fashion brands, a highly-trafficked job board, and one of the world's largest travel companies - just to name a few. Why not see what we can do for you?

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Hong Kong SEO Success Stories

What is SEO?

When you search on Google, two different sets of results are returned to you: paid results and organic results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of influencing in your favor the signals that search engine algorithms look for when they match and determine the order of pages in organic results.

Google search engine results page explained

Organic results receive more clicks than paid results and are seen to be more trustworthy.

SEO is about making your site relevant and authoritative in the eyes of search engines so that they rank you higher because you deserve to be there. High rankings are so valuable because search is different from all other forms of media. With search you have:

  1. No interruption. Your business is presented directly in response to user demand — a search is an explicit expression of interest.
  2. Clear intent. By knowing what keywords were searched, you know what stage of the buying decision process the searcher is in.

Higher visibility in search engines via SEO leads to more relevant traffic, more sales, and more awareness of your brand..

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