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Headquartered in Hong Kong and founded by an ex-Apple marketer described by The New York Times as "an expert in online search", Cogney combines digital marketing with analytical rigour to help you acquire customers quicker. We typically work with well-funded startups and Fortune 500 companies, but no matter your size if you have product-market fit and a desire to grow, we can make it happen.

Why we're unlike other digital marketing consultants

Cogney moves fast and has unparalleled talent.


The #1 reason we see companies fail to connect with their audiences is their lack of speed moving from data to insight to action. It's not easy to maneuver quickly. The digital landscape is evolving, algorithms get smarter, and the time it takes to sift through your data takes time away from product development.

Many agencies don't have time for complexity. They're going to push you to do everything they can throw at you - trying to do everything, but in the end doing nothing well. Cogney on the other hand provides fewer services and does them really well. You'll move fast, and grow your revenue faster.


The bottom-line for magnificent success is the people. From being called "an expert in online search" by The New York Times to assisting a US Senate inquiry on illicit SEO, no other agency in Hong Kong has as deep and proven mastery in the industry. We've worked with global luxury fashion brands, a highly-trafficked job board, and one of the world's largest travel companies - just to name a few. Why not see what we can do for you?


Doug Pierce

Founder, Digital Marketing Director

Doug wrote the SEO strategy for companies like Airbnb, AIG, Huawei and many other websites you've seen at the top of your search results.

Prior to Cogney he worked in digital marketing agencies in New York and Shanghai and at Apple in Singapore. His SEO research has resulted in stories in The New York Times, ComputerWorld, HBO show Last Week Tonight, and a crackdown by the US Senate Commerce Committee. Doug holds a bachelors degree in Information Systems with a minor in Chinese from San Diego State University, is Google AdWords Qualified, and has achieved Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Doug Pierce

Samuel Pun

Samuel Pun

Digital Marketing Strategist

Samuel plans and executes digital marketing strategies in markets worldwide.

Prior to Cogney he worked as senior marketing manager at a large company in the self storage industry, a crowded market in Hong Kong where nonetheless he increased site traffic 300%. Samuel holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Queens College, City University of New York and is Bing Ads Accredited, Google AdWords Qualified, and has achieved Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

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