What You'll Need to Apply for HKPC's D-Biz Programme

Distance Business (D Biz) Funding Applicants

In 2018 Google found that only 50% of Hong Kong's small- and medium-sized firms agreed that digital was a fundamental of business. Now with COVID-19 ravaging their businesses, many find themselves suffering from that outdated mindset.

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To accelerate change, as part of the government's Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Hong Kong Productivity Council is providing up to HK$100,000 in funding per project, up to three projects, "for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business." The services Cogney provides - namely SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, and analytics - allow you to reach potential customers from a distance and are all covered. We applied as a vendor on their reference list and were accepted (SP-883-468).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: D-Biz no longer funds digital advertising if your site is not developed at the same time with D-Biz funding. Click here to read more.

Applications for funding open Monday May 18th and all the details are available here. I've read through the guidance notes and summarized what you'll need from us:

  • Upfront

    With your application

    • Quotation
    • Signed probity and non-collusive quotation / tendering certificate
    • Expected benefits from this project in maximum of 800 words
    • Our Service Provider Reference List Code: SP-883-468

  • Later

    Within two months after completion of the project

    • Final project report
    • Evidence of deliverables
    • Copy of invoices and corresponding receipts

    Note: If your approved funding amount exceeds HK$30,000, you'll need an audited statement of income and expenditure from an independent auditor who must be a CPA. The D-Biz programme will cover up to HK$3,000 of this (as part of your funding amount), but you'll need to attach copies of quotations and non-collusive certificates upfront with your application.

  • Much later

    Within six months after completion of the project

    Submit a post-project evaluation survey.

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We’re a Hong Kong-based digital marketing agency with unrivaled experience and knowledge of organic and paid search marketing in numerous consumer and B2B categories. Learn more about us or contact us now about your website. We'll hold your hand through every step of the D-Biz funding process and take your online business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I get the money?

You get 30% upfront after signing the funding agreement. You get the rest when the project is done and your final project report is accepted.

2. Is my company eligible?

If it's not publicly traded or an NGO funded by the government, you have a Business Registration certificate that shows you've commenced before January 1, 2020, and haven't accepted money from other government programs, you're eligible.

3. My business doesn't have any customers yet. Can I still get funding?

Yes, as long as you registered the company before January 1, 2020. You'll need to submit your Business Registration Certificate to prove that. You'll also need to prove you have a "substantive business operation" in Hong Kong. They look at various factors such as nature of the business operations and number of employees in Hong Kong.

4. I also want to re-develop my website. Can you build me a new website?

While we know web development and often get involved as it pertains to SEO, we're laser focused on digital marketing and do not build full sites from scratch. You should work with a web development company and work with us on marketing. Here's a few developers we recommend (in alphabetical order):

  1. Beamstyle
  2. Onedotsix
  3. Onion Creative
  4. Rush Hour Media
  5. Wave Commerce

5. Have you heard of anyone getting funding already?

Yes and it doesn't look pretty. I've seen people receive only 10-15% of what they applied for and others to be rejected after HKPC narrowed the scope of the programe on July 10th to not include digital advertising on its own. I assume HKPC received way too many applications. Unless you apply to build a website and promote it with digital advertising at the same time, I wouldn't recommend applying. Even if you do apply, expect to get less than what you expected. Despite that, you should contact us anyway though since digital marketing is still massively important even if you can't get as much free money as you hoped.