Success Story

SEO and SEM for a

Caregiver Agency

The Challenge

As a caregiver agency new to Hong Kong, Active Global Caregivers found acquiring customers was more difficult than their home market of Singapore where they're more established and benefit from referrals.

How Cogney Helped

People that need caregivers type into Google the word "caregivers". By ranking for this keyword and related phrases in both English and Chinese we could drive significant traffic and leads. We used a two-pronged approach of SEO and SEM in order to get Active Global Caregivers' website to the top of Google.

Since SEM takes a shorter timeframe to see results than SEO, we first set up Google AdWords and Yahoo Ads accounts in order to gain visibility quickly. While accumulating performance data to learn and optimize from, we also began an SEO audit of their website and worked with their web developer on implementing our SEO recommendations.


AGC completely dominates the top of the search results for high-traffic keyword "caregivers"

Multiple page one rankings

Within months, the number of leads and cost per lead both improved significantly

Increase conversions while decrease CPA

Drive more traffic and customers to your site

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