Success Story

Croucher Foundation

Google Ad Grant Management

The Challenge

The Croucher Foundation is a private trust set up by the late Noel Croucher, one of the founders of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, to promote the standard of the natural sciences, technology and medicine in Hong Kong.

They received a large grant from Google to spend on AdWords to promote their work and wanted to get the most bang for their buck.

How Cogney Helped

We started by compiling a keyword seed set of top universities, fields of study, and trends in science, tech, and medicine. Next we set up ad campaigns targeting these keywords in phrase match and added the specific seed set keywords as exact match negative keywords. This allows us to discover from our search query logs new breakout trends tangentially related to the seed keywords that are cutting edge and attract high calibre candidates right when they’re searching for that trend.


By mining our search query logs we are able to find new cutting edge topics in science, math, and medicine to target

Example of new keywords we target

With our ongoing optimization Croucher’s ads are getting more clicks, it's costing less each click, and funding is going to budding scientists

Ads that reach the right person at the right time with a relevant message

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