Success Story

The Pavilions

Hotel Website Analytics

The Challenge

The Pavilions is an award-winning resort with multiple locations across Asia and Europe. They wanted their website to become their best salesperson, but didn't know how visitors found and explored it and didn't know what to do to grow bookings.

How Cogney Helped

If you want to act to improve something, you'll want to measure it. We helped The Pavilions collect, measure and analyze visitor activity on their website so they could improve its productivity. Our process:

  1. Perform an analytics audit of to assess everything that should be tracked
  2. Prioritize metrics and write custom tracking code
  3. Create dashboards, advanced segments, and reports
  4. Set up filters to remove inaccurate data
  5. Add tracking parameters to their marketing campaigns
  6. Link Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics for data sharing
  7. Set up automated email alerts when key metrics spike or drop
  8. Perform quality assurance of the data
  9. Google Analytics training to learn how to find, slice, and interpret the data
Each hotel location now has their own set of dashboards as well as a master dashboard for the hotel group management. The use of website analytics at The Pavilions is a performance enhancing drug - they are making more money from their existing website traffic as well as allocating digital marketing investment most effectively to achieve multiplier effects.


Client data pixelated for confidentiality

Hotel website analytics funnel shows visitor journey leading up to a booking

Hotel website analytics funnel

Understand which special offers resonate most

Special offers hotel analytics

Room-level detail into bookings such as revenue, quantity, and nights

Room-level hotel analytics

Segmented by device category, country, language, source of traffic, and more

Device-level hotel analytics


“That's awesome-the stats are real informative, and I believe would be real beneficial to the Hotelier Market.”

- Partner Services Manager of STAAH, the booking engine that The Pavilions uses who we supercharged with our analytics integration

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