Success Story

Shanghai Tang

Luxury Ecommerce Analytics

The Challenge

Shanghai Tang is China's first global luxury fashion brand. In addition to 48 boutiques around the world, the curator of modern Chinese Chic also has an ecommerce website that sells in multiple languages and currencies. Shanghai Tang's site was already using industry-standard Google Analytics, but they were not tracking everything they needed to be and were not taking advantage of the latest features in Universal Analytics, the new operating standard for Google Analytics.

How Cogney Helped

To coincide with their website redesign, we performed an analytics overhaul that allowed them to understand and grow their ecommerce sales. Our process:

  1. Perform an analytics audit of to assess everything that should be tracked
  2. Prioritize metrics and write custom tracking code
  3. Create dashboards, advanced segments, and reports
  4. Set up filters to remove inaccurate data
  5. Add tracking parameters to their marketing campaigns
  6. Link Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics for data sharing
  7. Set up automated email alerts when key metrics spike or drop
  8. Perform quality assurance of the data
  9. Google Analytics training to learn how to find, slice, and interpret the data
The use of ecommerce analytics now at Shanghai Tang is a performance enhancing drug - they are making more money from their existing website traffic as well as allocating digital marketing investment most effectively.


Client data pixelated for confidentiality

Analyze checkout behavior

Shopping cart funnel

Product-level detail into sales, revenue, add-to-cart rate, and more

Product-level data

Understand which email campaigns performed best

Email marketing analytics


“Our fastest growing shop today is our online shop.”

- Executive Chairman of Shanghai Tang, in an interview with Bloomberg

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