Remarketing Solutions

Target ads to people who previously visited your site but did not complete a goal.

Remarketing solution

1) Prospect visits your site and we start tracking their behavior

2) Prospect leaves without doing what you wanted them to do

3) Your ad is shown on other sites that the prospect visits

For example, after you visit TripAdvisor you will start to see their ads follow you on the web based on the cities you looked at. TripAdvisor knows most people don't book a hotel on first sight so they use remarketing to re-engage you and bring you back to their site and book.

Remarketing ad on Facebook by Tripadvisor
TripAdvisor Facebook ad remarketing
Remarketing banner ad by Tripadvisor
TripAdvisor banner ad remarketing


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Capture the ones that got away

Just answer a few questions and we usually reply in less than a day.

These are the most popular ad sizes: 728x90px, 300x250, and 160x600px

I can design my own ads Cogney should design our ads

If so can you tell us about the divisions of your website?
If you have many promotions or new product arrivals, your ads should be refreshed quicker.

Remarketing FAQ

Is remarketing expensive?

No because you're limited by the number of people who visit your site. As your site grows, remarketing costs will increase, but the quality of visits from remarketing will remain high because these visitors know you already.

Where do remarketing ads show?

Reach people who previously visited your site with ads that follow them on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Google
  5. Other sites they visit around the web

Will this creep people out?

To not make it creepy, we limit the frequency of impressions per person. Furthermore, we limit the length of time that remarketing ads are shown. Typically 1 month after leaving your site or it could be shown just for a few days afterward, depending on the sales cycle.

Can I exclude people in certain countries or who speak certain languages from seeing my ads?

Yes if you have a global site we can segment by country and language, even gender. We can also exclude your ads from showing on certain websites.

Besides remarketing to my website visitors, can I do remarketing to my email list?

Yes this is a great way to engage your subscribers besides just emailing them. For example we drove more customers to the retailer Rue Madame by displaying remarketing ads to not only previous website visitors but to their newsletter subscribers too. Relying on the open rate of your emails isn't enough.

Remarketing for fashion retailer Rue Maadme
Target ads to your email list, too, so they always know when you have a sale.


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