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The #1 reason we see companies fail to connect with their audiences is their lack of speed moving from data to insight to action. It's not easy to maneuver quickly. The digital landscape is evolving, algorithms are getting smarter, and taking the time to sift through your data takes time away from product development.

Many agencies don't have time for complexity. They're going to push you to do everything they can throw at you - trying to do everything, but in the end doing nothing well. Cogney on the other hand provides fewer services and does them really well. You'll move fast, and grow your revenues faster.


The bottom-line for magnificent success is the people. From being called "an expert in online search" by The New York Times to assisting a US Senate inquiry on illicit SEO, no other agency in Hong Kong has as deep and proven mastery in the industry. We've worked with global luxury fashion brands, a highly-trafficked job board, and one of the world's largest travel companies - just to name a few. Why not see what we can do for you?

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We implemented a number of new changes, many of which were your suggestions, and saw huge lifts in traffic.
Tommy Griffith SEO Project Manager

Right now I have too many new customers and some packages customers can't get slots which is a good problem to have
Shin Yuen Director

Quality of calls and the numbers of calls as well as conversions have been up and up.
Steven Chiu Hong Kong Branch Manager

A textbook example of the use of AdWords by a charitable foundation
David Foster Foundation Director