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Cogney has industry leading tools, processes and analysis skills to convert data into insights. Our resulting dashboards empower you to make rapid, data-driven decisions with confidence that drive significant value for your business and your customers.


"Hallelujah! I think this could save me at LEAST an hour a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year - that's a lot of hours - thank you!" - Marketing Manager at Plukka

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Know your ABCs


  • Where are visitors coming from?
  • What cities?
  • What's the age and gender breakdown?
  • What mobile device are they on?
  • Are specific ads and keywords working?


  • What are visitors doing?
  • What are the most popular pages and sections?
  • Are they encountering difficulty?
  • What are they typing into the search box?
  • Which pages are slow to load?


  • What percent of visitors purchase, sign up, click ads, or contact us?
  • What products are visitors adding to their cart and buying?
  • What does the funnel look like and where do people drop off?
  • How many times did they visit before they bought?

“Strength begets strength: The more data you have, the better your product; the better your product, the more data you can collect; the more data you can collect, the more talent you can attract; the more talent you can attract, the better your product.”

Kai-Fu Lee Former Head of Google China

Our Services


We'll write tracking code and set up dashboards for you to start collecting data and develop a benchmark for future success.

Typical scope of work:


While we aim to design instrumentation that is easy to draw conclusions from, sometimes your situation is more complex or you just don't have time to dig through everything.

We will monitor and analyze all the data your site is generating and each month report on how things are doing and what to do now.

At minimum your report would include:

Training or Consulting

We're happy to train or consult on analytics or conversion rate optimization. We have a lot of experience in:

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