Hong Kong Companies Best at SEO

We look at 3 metrics in order to define who is best at SEO in Hong Kong:

  1. How many keywords their website ranks for
  2. How much traffic those keywords bring in
  3. How much those keywords would cost if you were to bid on them

After adding these together, weighted equally, and scaling the result as a 1-100 score, the final number is what we call the SEO Value Score, revealing what websites get the most value from their rankings.

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"Apple Daily and Open Rice are the only Hong Kong companies in the top 10 of the list"

Best search engine optimization company in Hong Kong

Top Findings

  1. American companies make up half the list. Whose country's websites rank best in Hong Kong
  2. Apple Daily (#8) and Open Rice (#9) are the only Hong Kong companies in the top 10 of the list
  3. Among Hong Kong companies, websites focused on news and community perform the best

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Wikipedia at the top of the list?

They have lots of unique content that's kept freshly updated, great internal linking structure, and their domain has lots of links pointing to it.

2. Why is Google on the list?

Despite being the search engine, Google also appears on the list of websites doing the best at SEO. This is mainly because of Google Books, which ranks for a lot of keywords from content in the books Google have digitized.

3. Why aren't there more Hong Kong companies doing well?

Hong Kongers see real estate as a safer investment with more predictable returns than technology. "Making money in Hong Kong is too easy," Polytechnic University vice-president Professor Alexander Wai Ping-kong said in an interview with SCMP. "If you have HK$100 million to invest … I won't ask you to invest in technology but in the property market."

This doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in technology (such as SEO), but know that both the risks and rewards are high. If you're risk averse, buy an apartment. But if you want to truly make a fortune, know that tech fortunes make up about a fifth of the more than $5 trillion in wealth tracked by the Bloomberg index, more than any other sector.

4. I want my website to get more search traffic. What do I do?

Either SEO or SEM will do the trick. Feel free to contact us about your website.