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What is SEO?

Improving your website’s ranking in search results - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - is the core of our business. “Search engine optimization” is the process of “optimizing” your website so that Google assesses it favourably and ranks it higher in “search” results.

Google computes rank according to three main criteria:

No doubt many aspects of SEO are highly technical and remain “under the hood” of the website, never visible to the ordinary person browsing a website. However, the main touchstone of search rank is something very simple and common sense: Does your website or web page efficiently address the question(s) intended by a given search query?

Thus, the best practitioners of SEO, like us, are not only abreast of Google’s latest official pronouncements and technical documentation but crack marketers who scratch beneath the surface of the assignment to understand the mindset and language used by consumers to search within a given product category. A consumer’s behavior and language when searching for, say, a bakery versus a car dealer, are undoubtedly very different. That said, there’s no such thing as a purely cookie-cutter approach to SEO. Instead, great SEO entails four kinds of knowledge:

Many SEO agencies can do a serviceable job with the technical implementation but, at Cogney, we love rolling up our sleeves to get into the guts of your business. After all, great SEO is about the people doing it: do they possess the intellectual curiosity and breadth to step into the shoes of both consumer and the business owner? It is Cogney’s technical knowledge combined with our culture of going the extra mile that explains our peerless record of success across so many different industries.


“ We implemented a number of new changes, many of which were your suggestions, and saw huge lifts in traffic.
Tommy Griffith SEO Project Manager

“ We are all very impressed with the work
Patsy Ho Digital Performance Marketing Manager

“ Quality of calls and the numbers of calls as well as conversions have been up and up.
Steven Chiu Hong Kong Branch Manager

“ Cogney was a huge help conducting a technical SEO audit.
Doug Kenerson Product & Growth


"An expert in online search" - The New York Times

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SEO Services

By making your site relevant, easy to crawl, and authoritative, search engines will reward you with higher visibility because your site deserves to be at the top. Higher visibility = more clicks = more business growth. Here's how we approach SEO to get you there:

  • 1 Month

    SEO Audit & Strategy

    To drive more traffic from organic search to your website requires first an SEO audit and strategy. These findings become prioritized recommendations - heavy on screenshots and examples - and we'll meet with your team to walk through everything and answer questions.

  • 1-3 Months

    SEO Implementation

    Either your team can apply the recommendations from the SEO audit, our team can apply them, or we can work together. The key people would be a web developer, copywriter, and project manager. After the implementation of the audit recommendations we will perform a one-time review to ensure everything is complete and accurate.

  • Ongoing

    SEO Retainer

    The healthiest and most rewarding SEO results derive from a long-term commitment. After the implementation of the audit recommendations the focus is executing the strategy and ongoing optimization to ensure ongoing traffic and sales.

    Typically the scope of work in an SEO retainer includes:

    • Recommend new pages to create with topic outline and what keywords to use
    • Write or modify new pages to be relevant for topics identified
    • Monitor Google Search Console for search query performance and technical issues to remedy
    • Provide link building opportunities (relevant websites and who to contact there)
    • Identify pages with below average click-through rate and how to increase it
    • Review SEO impact of changes made to the site
    • Provide a monthly performance report

    SEO retainer report

Want your team to learn SEO? We also do SEO Workshops

If you have a popular website, a team of web developers, copywriters, and PR professionals, and a desire to take traffic to the next level, request one of our workshops which includes an SEO audit and hands-on training for your team.

Why Cogney is Unique

Growing businesses via SEO is our most requested engagement. Here's why our SEO results consistently surprise our competitors and delight our clients:

  • Hong Kong-based, world-class team recognized as experts
  • Efficiency & speed of our award-winning custom-built tools
  • Long-term view of SEO
  • Well-rounded in digital marketing so we know where to achieve multiplier effects

SEO Pricing

It depends on the site and your competition, but the below package for HK$120,000 for 6 months of SEO is typical.

Cogney will manage SEO on Client’s Website, either by collaborating with Client’s team to implement recommendations or, if given access, Cogney will implement the recommendations directly.

A Task List with estimated output are itemised below. The exact tasks and amount of hours spent on each task will vary month to month based on Cogney’s determination of each task’s necessity and priority.

Tasks and their status along with the monthly performance reports will be added on Cogney’s project management tool and web access will be shared with the Client.

Task List Estimated Output
Research, map, and prioritize keywords 1 hour per 50 keywords
Recommend new pages to create with topic outline and what keywords to use 1 hour per 2 topic outlines
Write or modify new pages to be relevant for keyword topics identified 5 hours per 1000-word English page written, or per 700-character Chinese page written
Perform SEO audits of the Client Website 0-4 hours per month depending on extent of changes made to the site. List of recommendations will be added on the project management tool.
Provide link building opportunities of relevant websites and contact information for Client to outreach. Cogney can perform the outreach if given an email address on the Client’s Website. 8 hours per month, with 2-4 opportunities found per hour. List of opportunities will be added on the project management tool.
Monitor Google Search Console for search query performance and technical issues to remedy 4-8 hours per month. List of recommendations will be added on the project management tool.
Provide a monthly performance report including:
  • Total impressions and clicks for branded vs non-branded keywords
  • Number of keywords with clicks that rank in top 3, position 4-10, and position 11-20
  • Number of landing pages receiving clicks
  • Keywords that increased and decreased in clicks the most
  • Conversions
4 hours to create monthly performance report

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