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4 Things You Need to Know about SEO in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is quite a different game when it comes to online search.

  1. Yahoo is still used. It wasn't until just a few years ago that Google became the most popular search engine in Hong Kong, and even today the purple Y still commands about 25% market share.
  2. The city is bilingual. Cantonese and English are both official languages. Furthermore, traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong instead of simplified Chinese like in mainland China.
  3. Smartphones dominate. "Don't keep your eyes only on your mobile phone!" chides the station announcement in Hong Kong's MTR. Almost 92% of Hong Kongers have smartphones and 96% of them go online on a daily basis, the highest in Asia.
  4. People prefer to buy in store. Going to the mall is a favorite pastime in Hong Kong and due to the dense population many people prefer the convenience of stepping out of their home to shop instead of ordering online and waiting.

That's why Cogney has developed a comprehensive approach beyond standard SEO that takes into account language, mobile experience, local map results, dual optimized for both Google and Yahoo, to better elevate your website for your Hong Kong audience.


We implemented a number of new changes, many of which were your suggestions, and saw huge lifts in traffic.
Tommy Griffith SEO Project Manager

We are all very impressed with the work
Patsy Ho Digital Performance Marketing Manager

Quality of calls and the numbers of calls as well as conversions have been up and up.
Steven Chiu Hong Kong Branch Manager

Great to see this coming together and appreciate the hard work put into this, it shows.
Timothy Bonard Head of Digital


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SEO Services

By making your site relevant, easy to crawl, and authoritative, search engines will reward you with higher visibility because your site deserves to be at the top. Higher visibility = more clicks = more business growth. Here's how we approach SEO to get you there:

  • 1 Month

    SEO Audit & Strategy

    To drive more traffic from organic search requires first an SEO audit and strategy. This document is typically 50-70 pages, not including appendices, and heavy on screenshots and examples. Our team will send you weekly updates and upon completion we’ll walk through the full findings and recommendations together.

  • 1-3 Months

    SEO Implementation

    Either your team can apply the recommendations from the SEO audit, our team can apply them, or we can work together. The key people would be a web developer, copywriter, and project manager. After the implementation of the audit recommendations we will perform a one-time review to ensure everything is complete and accurate.

  • Ongoing

    SEO Retainer

    The healthiest and most rewarding SEO results derive from a long-term commitment. After the implementation of the audit recommendations the focus is executing the strategy and ongoing optimization to ensure ongoing traffic and sales.

    Every website is different but typically the scope of work in an SEO retainer includes:

    • Google Search Console monitoring
    • Server log analysis
    • Crawls of the site
    • Content review
    • Link building
    • Planning sessions to set roadmaps and targets
    • Monthly KPI report

    SEO retainer report

Want to learn SEO yourself? We also do SEO Workshops

If you have a popular website, a team of web developers, copywriters, and PR professionals, and a desire to take traffic to the next level, request one of our workshops which includes an SEO audit and hands-on training for your team.

Why Cogney is Unique

Growing businesses via SEO is our most requested engagement. Here's why our SEO results consistently surprise our competitors and delight our clients:

  • Hong Kong-based, world-class team recognized as experts
  • Efficiency & speed of our award-winning custom-built tools
  • Long-term view of SEO
  • Well-rounded in digital marketing so we know where to achieve multiplier effects


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