How to Open a Baidu PPC Account in Plain English

How to open a Baidu PPC account
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step - and forty thousand renminbi.
Unlike the minutes it takes to open up an ad account with Google, Baidu has many hoops a would-be advertiser has to jump through before they can spend a single yuan. It comes down to trust. Baidu doesn't trust you. They can't be seen taking payment from a company that hasn't been properly vetted since ultimately Baidu feels pressure from the government to keep their search results friendly for society. See the death of Wei Zexi. That's why it typically takes a month to open a Baidu ad account, if not more. Here's what's required:
  1. Business Registration with corresponding color company stamp & write "与原件⼀致". You don't need a business registered in China; this can be a foreign company.
  2. Bank Account Proof. Choose one of the following and submit it to us: a copy of your cheque, a copy of your monthly bank statement or a copy of a bank remittance. The full company name is required to be presented on the copies.
  3. Website homepage screenshot (showing URL) and handwritten statement “与⽹网站一致” with color company chop stamp.
  4. Local Government company search website screenshot (showing URL) and handwritten statement “与网站一致” with color company chop stamp (e.g. from https:// if a Hong Kong company)
  5. You will also need to transfer a deposit to Baidu of RMB40,000, the minimum required ad spend to open the account, and a RMB1,500 annual maintenance fee is required.

"It comes down to trust. Baidu doesn't trust you."

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Read Chinese, have a Chinese phone number, and want to go through it alone? Start the account opening process on Baidu's website here.