Instagram Ads in Hong Kong

We're an Instagram advertising agency in Hong Kong that has helped some of the world's top companies increase traffic, improve sales, and surpass goals.

Here's what makes our results seem magical:

  • Rigorous analytical basis for bid adjustments
  • Objective, standardized approach to conduct split tests
  • Effective ad copy that amplifies your value proposition
  • Ad imagery based on psychological elements including symmetry, patterns and repetition, which our brains find inherently pleasing
  • Above all, a team that cares deeply about your business achieving its goals and what it takes to get there

Instagram sponsored ads
We've run successful ads for companies in fashion, travel, professional services, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Sponsored Ads

1. How much do ads on Instagram cost?

In Hong Kong we find the average cost per click on Instagram to be HK$4-10. The price you pay depends on who you're targeting, the attractiveness of your ad, and placement.

2. What are Instagram Shoppable Ads?

This is an ad format that mimics what you'd see in a furniture catalogue, with names and prices superimposed next to the products. Clicking a product then loads up the product detail page so you can buy it. We can help you set up Shoppable Ads if you sell products.

Instagram Shoppable Ads
Reminds you of an IKEA catalogue, right?

3. Are remarketing ads possible on Instagram?

Yes and everyone should be doing remarketing as they're one of the most effective types of ads.

4. Should I run ads to increase my Instagram followers?

Generally no. Organic reach on Instagram is low and decreasing so more followers won't necessarily lead to these people seeing what you post due to Instagram's feed algorithm prioritizing content from friends and family rather than brands.

5. What are the targeting options?

Instagram has a particularly comprehensive dossier on each of its members. You can target by age, gender, location, interests, device usage, and more. We layer these targeting groups on top of each other like a Venn diagram to find your ideal audience.


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