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The Challenge

TALSEM is a Shopify ecommerce store selling Tesla aftermarket accessories worldwide. They were dependent on Google search ads to drive sales and had never done search engine optimization (SEO) before. They realized that to compete with longer-established competitors they needed outside help and got in touch with Cogney.

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The Strategy

The first step was researching how people search for Tesla upgrades and aftermarket accessories. We grouped all the keywords into various topics and prioritized which topics to optimize first. Some topics already had a page on their site which we could modify, while other topics had to have a new page written from scratch. We put together a copywriting guide for TALSEM's writer so that SEO best practices would be applied to every page.

Besides having keyword-relevant pages, we also optimized the site from a technical perspective so that Google could crawl and index their pages more efficiently. We crawled the site as Google would and guided TALSEM's web developer on changes to make.

As a new ecommerce store, TALSEM had few backlinks, a major pillar of SEO. The more sites that link to your site, especially if they produce content that's relevant to yours and have lots of backlinks themselves, the more Google trusts your content. Cogney audited TALSEM's competitors' efforts at acquiring backlinks and recommended a link building strategy.


SEO audit & strategy (~2 months)

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The Keys to Success

The client understood that searches on Google for Tesla aftermarket accessories were fast growing and that these visitors would be a major source of sales.

By combining Cogney's thorough understanding of SEO for Shopify sites, TALSEM's skilled developer and writer duo who quickly executed our recommendations, and our shared passion for Teslas, we were able to accelerate organic search visitors from under 100 visitors per month to over 7,500/mo in half a year.

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The Results


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in keywords ranking on Google's first page

"This is awesome work and we are very happy to work with you guys."
Kamel Dridi, Founder

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