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The most sought-after real estate in the world is at the top of a search engine results page. Every time someone searches on Google, Bing, and Baidu a lightning-fast auction takes place to determine what advertisers show and in which ad position.

Cogney manages and optimizes your ads' apperance in this auction with rigorous attention to ROI to consistently surprise your competitors and improve your bottom line.

1) It all starts with a search

Search engine marketing starts with a search

2) They see your ad

AdWords paid search ad

3) You get more customers at your website and doorstep

SEM ad leads to website purchase
SEM ad leads to in-store purchase
In store


Right now I have too many new customers and some packages customers can't get slots which is a good problem to have
Shin Yuen Director

Quality of calls and the numbers of calls as well as conversions have been up and up.
Steven Chiu Hong Kong Branch Manager

Nice! This is awesome! We are frantically hiring.
Ben Wong VP Business Development

A textbook example of the use of AdWords by a charitable foundation
David Foster Foundation Director

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Yes I got data No this would be brand new

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What's the difference between SEM & SEO?

Both allow you to gain more visibility in search results, but there's 5 key differences you should know about.

1) Location

Location of search engine marketing ads on Google Paid results get the prime real estate of the page: the very top and along the right side of the organic results.

2) Timing

If you want results right away, do SEM, but if you want to build a competitive moat around your business long term, do SEO. Of course, it’s best to use them in conjunction.

3) Cost

SEM clicks cost money, while SEO clicks do not. To be fair though, SEO does require an up-front investment and the clicks are only “free” once you’ve gone through the work to achieve high rankings.

4) Richness

Tiffany AdWords

Both organic and paid search results consist of a blue title and a description, but paid results can contain so much more additional information. Google calls these extra pieces of information Ad Extensions and they can really make your site stand out.

5) Keyword-level performance data

Search terms report
Keyword-level data with SEM
Not provided keywords from organic search
Keyword-level data withheld with SEO

Due to privacy concerns, Google no longer sends website owners keyword data from searches made on Google over HTTPS (e.g., meaning you can’t tell what keywords visitors queried before clicking through to your site. The result is when you look at Google Analytics, (not provided) is the first keyword you see.

AdWords advertisers on the other hand can still see keyword-level performance data in their search terms report even if someone searches using HTTPS.

"SEM clicks cost money, but you’re able to get visibility right away unlike SEO which requires an upfront investment optimizing your site before seeing results."

Doug Pierce Head of Search & Analytics


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